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Welcome to my website. My email address is email as image . If you’re looking for my work website, go here.

p.s. the information on this website is very old and out-of-date.

About me

I currently live in San Diego and work as a graduate student in computational neuroscience with Prof. Charles Stevens.

Here is my CV.

My professional training and interests are in the areas of cognitive studies, computers, collaboration, and mathematics. See my work website.

Probably the most useful thing i’ve done for the world so far is viperre, an emacs mode that has a vi-like modal distinction between editing and movement, with an optimized keyboard layout of the movement commands.

On this site you’ll find:

Also some other archived work stuff:

Here is my calendar.

Current projects

My current main project is my phd thesis, which is an analysis of the anatomy of the cerebral cortex using gene expression data from the Allen Brain Atlas. See our SFN 2010 poster and my work website.

Some future projects include concord democracy,, and

  • Internet Archive keeps copies of old version of web pages. Often when you hit a dead link (a 404 due to a no-longer-existing webpage), you can find an old copy of it in the Archive!

  • Wikis to discuss online communities and collaboration: MeatballWiki and CommunityWiki (Meatball is older, but CommunityWiki is copyleft)

  • (old/extinct) Neurodudes: a neuroscience blog that i co-founded

  • Someday I may have a weblog.

About this website

Thanks to Katherine for drawing my icon. This website is generated with the tool "Hugo".