Table of Contents for Programming Languages: a survey

PowerPC and Power ISAs



Included because listed on:

and b/c it's an official Debian port

and b/c many alternate libcs support PowerPC?.

"PowerPC? is generally straightforward, sensible and comprehensible" [1]

"On PowerPC?, as on SPARC and MIPS, the mechanism for storing 32-bit immediates can only encode a 32-bit value by splitting it across two instructions: a "load high" followed by an "add". This is a pain. Sometimes the two instructions containing the value are some distance apart. Often you have to decode the address by hand, because the disassembler can't automatically recognise that it is an address. " [2]

Power Architecture

"As of 2008, Itanium was the fourth-most deployed microprocessor architecture for enterprise-class systems, behind x86-64, Power Architecture, and SPARC." --