plan 9 has something equivalent to aliases via bind, in contrast to symlinks which are equivalent to references:

" Symlinks disappear

bind takes care of this nicely by allowing you to place a directory on top of another one. ... Since symlinks are not needed and not present in Inferno, the problems with cyclic filesystem references very nearly disappear. " --


in C you have the curious syntax:


to increment the value that count_ptr is pointing to. i call this curious because ++ must really be taking a pointer, not a value, as its input, yet here it looks like we are sending it a value. what must really be happening is that (*count_ptr) does not actually denote the value itself, but rather, "the variable pointed to by count_ptr".


note that there are connections between ootSpreadsheet, ootPointers, and ootViews (all have to do with spreadsheet-like or JS DOM/UI-like binding between objects.