random possibilities:


random idea for plasticity helping with routing:

So, neuron cluster A wants to send a signal to neuron cluster B.

First they want to establish a circuit. Here's how they do that. Neuron cluster A sends out a series of pulses that it knows will excite B (this serves as B's 'address', although it's probably an associative-memory type thing, ie A doesn't care who B is, it's just looking for anyone who is an expert on some specific pattern). Each time A does this, B gets excited and fires after it receives the message. Neurons on the path between A and B experience first hearing A, then hearing B. If B's response ends up making them fire, then Hebbian plasticity increases the synaptic weight on A, which makes them transmit A's messages with less latency and more reliablity in the future. These will be neurons which are close in terms of latency to both A and B.