My ongoing effort to catalog all of Jean-Giraud's "Moebius"-ish work.


AFAIK, almost all of the English Moebius translations are by the Lofficiers, and a list can be found on:

Others (maybe some of these are also in the Lofficier list, I haven't checked yet):

List of French stuff that I'm guessing has not been translated into English

List of stuff that I think is French I'm that has not been translated into English, but that might be just pictures

List of French stuff that I'm have no guess either way if it has already been translated into English

List of French version of stuff that I'm guessing has already been translated into English

Pictures only

Maybe French and maybe Pictures Only


Other Links


Here, I didn't list Blueberry, Jim Cutlass, Xiii, Metabarons, or Little Nemo stuff.

I try to separate out the possibly "pictures only" stuff not because it isn't great, but just because it doesn't require translation.

I've emailed the Lofficiers to ask if translations of the other stuff are forthcoming. I'll probably email Jean-Giraud, too.

Jean-Giraud had some sort of falling out with the Lofficiers; perhaps there is some legal (or personal) reason that translations can't (or won't) be done without both of them. More information at Perhaps more information is available in "Starwatcher Stalemate : Lawsuits between Moebius and Lofficier Span Two Continents" / by Michael Dean. p. 14-15 in The Comics Journal, no. 233 (May 2001) or "Starwatcher Wars : Moebius and Jean-Marc Lofficier Struggle over Worldwide Rights" / Michael Dean. p. 19-20 in The Comics Journal, no. 231 (Mar. 2001).

I hate imaginary property. I don't want to infringe on others' perogative, but if there is some impenetrable legal hangup, then perhaps fansubbing is the only that we'll ever see English translations (that is, until the copyright expires 70 years from now or whenever, after I'm dead). If the other translations are not forthcoming, perhaps I will start begging fluent English/French speakers to fansub the remaining works.

If you know of other Moebius and Giraud Moebius-ish works not listed here (and not referenced or excluded), please comment.