I just had the idea that perhaps some of the attributes of modern politics can be explained with the following theory:

(a) people were evolved to live in small or medium-sized tribes in which they are acquainted with everybody. This instinctual programming is still present

(b) people are instinctively loyal to their tribe

(c) people are instinctively prone to hierarchy and fall into line to people above them in the hierarchy (except when they are trying to move up by challenging others)

(d) people are instinctively distrustful of people outside of their tribe, although they are not so distrustful that they will never deal with them

(f) modern social structures, including corporations, nations, and political parties, are in part structured to co-opt this instinctual programming to fool individuals into recognizing the group as the tribe, and therefore offer more unquestioning obedience

(f) but this doesn't completely work because you are supposed to be acquainted with everyone in your tribe, and these groups are too large for that

So, one can now look at democratic politicians as having the goal of causing as many people as possible to think that the politician is in their trible.

Strange things that this explains:

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