this page is just to contain random notes about groupware system(s) that i'd like to build someday.

maybe the main one will be called 'gasket'. (note to self: see names file for other potential names)

of course, we want to unify wiki/blog/forum/CMS as much as possible

should we also include issue tracking? calendaring? FOAF and web-of-trust/facebook-like functionality? should we try to be another redmine or trello? Twitter-like messaging?

halfwiki built with pietrust:

effective attention prioritization for occasional users:

attention prioritization:



Design space of moderation

Capped or uncapped

proposed page versions which are auto approved after time limit unless block (also conservative option to have no approval without affirmative approval)

forks, auto rebased

threaded discussion on discussion pages, option to mark comments as assimilated, which means they are deleted after time limit unless original author disagrees

blocks are supermajority votes, not vetos. they can be overcome. people can be expelled.

takes zero votes to suggest approval, and zero votes to block a suggestion (by zero votes i really mean infintesimal; anyone with nonzero reputation)


See also [1].

see also