delicious tagsList

This page defines and interprets some of the tags i use on Delicious.

General rules

I try to use singular nouns, and infinitive verbs. I might use gerunds (hosting), agent nouns (browser), etc.


semweb: sematic web

ac, cpw, spw: AmendableCode? CommunityProgrammableWiki? SelfProgrammingWiki?

pnp: the p vs np problem

net: network

cs: computer science

ai: artificial intelligence

neuro: neuroscience

infotech: information technology

sl: second life

stat, stats: statistics

pl: programminglanguages programming languages (usually discussions about programming language design)

symbolic: symbolic systems

keybord: keyboard

bio: biology

ref: reference

parallel: parallel processing

temp: temporary

lib: library (usually a computer programming library)

vps: virtual private server

gae: google app engine

foss: free open source software

electrophys: electrophysiology

ml: machine learning

dev: having to do with software development or software engineering

vote: voting and voting systems

to-dos and topics relative to me

toread----, toread---, toread--, toread-, toread, toread+, toread++, toread+++, toread++++: ascending categories of priority of things for me to read. basically, i never read any of it.

todo---, todo--, todo-, todo, todo+, todo++, todo+++: ascending categories of priority of things for me to do

tobemined: pages that include links that i want to check out

work: things having to do with a project at my job

bookmarks bookmarks_menu more more[1..9] unsorted_bookmarks: fairly useless tags which were automatically introduced when i imported my webbrowser bookmarks into delicious

non-topical tags

intro: an introduction to some topic

course, class: a course, for example a course in school

neat: something that i think is "neat" (kinda like says it's "interesting" and/or "cool"}

top: a list of the top N somethings

vs: versus

list lists: a list

review: a review

topics and topic clusters with special relevance to me

taghog, filterd, filteredcommunication: TagHog?

pietrust, iteratedgiving: PieTrust?

e-rig: open source electrophysiology rig software that i wrote

ac,cpw,spw, hypotheticalconstitution, comparativelaw comparativeconstitutional law

meta: my math project on metareference (not posted anywhere i think)

ambiguous topics

python: usually the programming language

unison: the synchronizer

domain: usually DNS domain. see also "registrar"

local: about a place, probably a place where i've lived or visited a lot