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Learn About FARMS --- Pop Up OPPOSITES --- Pop Up SHAPES --- Pop Up DAYS --- Pop-up Sizes --- Larry Shapiro and Chuck Murphy Illustrated by Chuck Murphy Paper Engineering by Tor Lokvig 1980 intervisual Communications, LA

Four Puppies Anne Heathers Pictures By Lilian Obligado Little Golden Book

High Diddle Diddle Rhymes from Mother Goose Robert A. Propper The Museum of Modern Art, NY

Adventures in the SOlar System Planetron and Me Geoffrey T. Williams and Dennis F. Regan Illus. Borje Svensson

The Universe HEather COuper and David Pelham Rnadom House ISBN 0-394-54691-1 (alternate, search)

Clodu with a chance of meatballs Judi Barrett illus. Ron Barrett

Walt Disney's Danny the little black lamb WHitman Publishing co, raine, wis.


The Planet of Lost Things Mark Strand Illus. William Pene du Bois CLarkson N. Potter, in, NY (crown publishers, inc)

H.A. Rey How do you get there? 1957 Chatto & Windus , Ltd 40 William IV Street London WC2N 4DF

And and Bee and the ABC --- Ant and Bee go Shopping Angela Banner 1972 Kaye & Ward LTD 21 New Street, London EC2m 4NT

The Do Something Day Joe Lasker 1982 The Viking PRess, NY

Ric Hill Opposites PEek-aBook Price Stern Sloan, LA

Molly Mouse Goes SHopping Fun wiht a mouse on a string caryl Koelling illus. Karen Acosta 1979 intervisual

Mickey Mouse and the Marvelous Smell Machine golden scratch and sniff

The GOlden Egg BOOk MArgaret Wise Brown Pictures By Lilian Obligado a little golden book

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown Pcs Clement Hurd Harper & Row

The RUnaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown Pcs Clement Hurd Harper & Row

-- "start-right elf books": The Bremen Town Musicians Illus. Irma WIlde

The Kittens Voyage Barbara Young PIctures Marjorie ooper Rand McNally?

Little Red Wagon Hazel P. Cedarborg Illus. Clare McKinley?

Little Lamb's Hat By Mary G. Phillips Illus. Eleanr Corwin

Tommy's Tooth Solveig Paulson Russell Illus. Patti Fenwick

My Truck Book

by Mabel Watts Illus. George Wilde

Davy Deer's New Red Scarf HElen Adler

--- (StMichael?) Danger Mouse Adapted by Susannah Bradley and Greg Steddy from the original TV series by Brian Trueman Illus. Michael Wells Studio

1982 Purnell Books, Paulton, Bristol BS18 5LQ

Marks and Spencer plc Baker Street, London, England 1428/3009 ISBN 0 361 05447 5 (alternate, search)

Little Miss Helpful Little Miss SUnshine Mr. Busy Mr. Grumpy Mr. Tickle Mr. Happy Mr. Quiet by Roger Hargreaves 1978 Thurman Publishing Ltm The Mill Trading Estate Aton Lane London NW10

The POKY Little Puppy Janette Sebring Lowrey Illus. Gustaf Tenggren Little Golden Book

The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper Illus. George and Doris Hauman Platt & Munk, New York

On Beyond Zebra! By D. Seuss

The Color Kittens Margaret Wise Brown Little Golden Book (Western publishing company, Racine, Wisconsin)

The Little Duck Story By Judy Dunn Photos by Phoebe Dunn 1976 Random House

Jumanji Chris Van Allsburg

Big Dog... Little Dog A Bedtime Story P.D. Eastman 1973 Picture Lions Willian Collins Sons and Co LTD 14 St JAmes PLace, London SW1

Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose By Dr. Seuss

The Color Kittens

Puss in Boots Barbara Bailey 1979 Macdonald Educational Ltd. London

silly circus Peter Seymour Illustrated by Chuck Murphy

1982 intervisual Communications, LA

Woody Woodpecker's Peck of Trouble Pitures By Walter Lantz Studio Adapted By Riley THomson and Sam Armstrong

Little Red Riding-hood Illustrated by Anne Sellers Leaf Rand McNally? & Company

Sleeping Beauty Illustrated by Elizabeth Webbe Rand MNally

http://www.amazon.com/Christian-Andersen-Fairy-Miniature-Library/dp/B001GE4UIW ( = http://www.timepassagesnostalgia.com/?pm=0&page=1&searchkeywords=Boxed+Hans+Christian+Anderson+Fairy+Tales+Miniature+Book+Set&sis=-1&priceRange=&lpp=20 ) Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales Boxed Set 1949 (12 Miniature Book Library) [Paperback] Books measure approx. 2,1/4" x 3,1/4". Included; The Tinder Box, The Emperor's New Clothes, Thumbelisa (2 volumes), The Flying Trunk, The Real Princess, The Shepherdess and The Chimney Sweep, The Little Swineherd, The Little Match Girl, Numbskull Jack, The Ugly Duckling (2 volumes). Box measures 5" x 6" x 2". Nordic Paper Industry Inc, Viby Jutland, Denmark (1949) (was my copy really from 1949?!? the picture on the front was the same, but mb it was republished later?) SVEND JENSEN OF DENMARK, 1010 BOSTON POST ROAD, RYE, NEW YORK, PUBLISHED BY, NORDIC PAPER INDUSTRY, INC., , VIBY, JUTLAND, DENMARK, PRINTED IN DENMARK, COPYRIGHT 1949,

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