i'd like to find an abstraction/generalization of evil to a game-theoretic-ish description. Such an abstraction would presumably identify things that all human cultures (and probably most alien cultures) would agree are evil. I am just looking for a lowest common denominator; each particular culture would identify some other things as evil that the abstraction doesn't cover.

One of my best guesses so far is parasitism.

Various crimes can be thought of as special cases of parasitism; e.g. theft.

However, war seems to be evil too. A general game-theoretic-ish description of war might be a situation in which two or more entities take sides and threaten with destructive force not just their enemies, but also neutral third parties who assist their enemies, thereby causing a 'with us or against us' dilemma for third parties (see [1]).

Also, intentional infliction of suffering. That might be outside the game-theoretic paradigm, though.