Stuff you probably need to buy for/have at your home:


if you plan to cook:


if you live or visit somewhere cold:

if you live or visit somewhere rainy:

if you live or visit somewhere sunny:

reviews on brands of home items:

for power strips/surge protectors:

i recommend always using surge protectors, rather than power strips with no surge protection. Always use surge protectors with a 'protection' indicator light so that you have a chance of seeing when it's dead (although i think it's still sometimes possible for protection to fail but the light to stay on).

my favorite surge protector is the fellowes 'mighty 8'. I like it because it is compact; it has 8 outlets, and can fit about 4 or 5 bulky transformers/large plugs at once. Dimensions approx. 6*4.25:

i'm trying out the echogear 'Rotating Plug Surge Protection Power Strip'. It has 8 rotating outlets. Dimensions approx. 13.5*2.2: note: this one is UL-listed, apparently

i'm also thinking of trying out the Belkin PivotPlug? 12-Outlet Surge Protector, 8 ft. Cord. it's fairly space-efficient although not as much as those others. But it has 12 outlets (out of which 8 are rotating). Approx. dimensions 11.4*4:

san diego movers: i used 'Tranzit'