"As a rule of thumb, if it was part of a traditional diet, if you could make it by hand, it is good (eggs, butter, olive oil, oatmeal, fruit, …), if not, it's not (margarine, soda, pizza, gummi bears …)." [2]

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saturated fat, found in fatty animal foods like meats and dairy products, is unhealthy

monounsaturated fat, eg olive oil, canola, avocado is healthy

carbs with a high glycemic index are unhealthy. Examples: sugars, white breads, white rice, potatoes, white baguettes, cornflakes, pretzels, instant oatmeal, rice cakes, gatorade.

(exception: if the total glycemic load of a portion is small then it's okay. Eg watermelon, because it's mostly water)

examples of low-glycemic foods with 'good fats' are peanuts, avocado


Aerobic is important, anaerobic not as important

When lifting weights (anaerobic):

Exercise ~1hr x3 per wk or ~20mins per day?