This is a followup to computerToolsIntro that includes more technical tools that you might have to install yourself, or that only technical people would need.


[Hatta wiki] is the best I've found yet.

I recommend that you make a wiki your primary communication channel. Why not email, or a forum? When there is a long discussion on a forum or a mailing list, it is hard for later readers to wade through it all. It is easier for a newcomer to get caught up on a long discussion using a wiki than using mailing list archives, because the wiki discussion can be refactored/summarized and made shorter when it gets long. For more details, see this.

You should still also have a moderated, low-traffic, annouce-only email list so that everyone gets a chance to see important announcements.

Source control

Git is the best one. Its user interface is bad, so i used to like Mercurial better, but the extra power of Git's lightweight branching, and history revision, is worth it.

Github is the best source control host. I tried Gitorius because it's open source, but Github is sufficiently better to make it worth it.

Gerrit seems to be the best code review system, although it's kind of rough around the edges.

Jenkins seems to be the best CI system.

You can integrate Git, Gerrit, and Jenkins, although it takes a bit of setup to do this.

Software issue tracking or its fork, (i'm not sure which is better).

Other task management

BetterMeans? is pretty good but unmaintained. If it were database-compatible with Redmine then i'd love it. The interface it better than Redmine's in that it takes less clicks to do common tasks, but worse in that some of the power filtering features (essential for dealing with large volumes of software issues) aren't there. If it were maintained I'd recommend it.

Some commercial services that i've heard of are, from most mentioned to least, Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker (free for public projects), (totally free) and (free up to 30 people). As far as I can tell, BetterMeans?, Pivotal Tracker, and Trello are the only ones that support public projects.

I've never used Trello myself, but based on what I hear, I'd recommend trying it. I'm going to.



Here's some:



Some people like other chat apps like campfire and hipchat, instead.

Need an IRC bot to make chat logs of your IRC channel. Not sure which ones are good.

Email addresses attached to your own domain

i dunno. i used to use Google Apps but it's not free anymore.

Email lists

Google groups. It's not that great, but what can you do.

Real-time wiki


Google calendar


Not sure. Joomla? Drupal? Typo3?


This was already listed on computerToolsIntro, but to repeat myself: Wordpress.