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 particularly interested in doing something involving theCyc or OpenMind? commonsense databases, or cognitive architectures, or frames/slot-and-filler structures, or genetic programming (or other kinds of automated programming

i'm interested in how qualitative mental states can be encoded in quantitative data structures


yeah, i should mention that I think the field of A.I. could benefit from putting together the pieces that have been developed a little further (both the AI pieces and the "neurally plausible" pieces). I feel like maybe about ~20 yrs ago the AI field decided to fork and in order to specialize and get some pieces done, and then it forgot to remerge the processes upon completion (i mean, it seems we've pretty much got simple cases of parameter-fitting nailed, clustering, etc).

There's a few pockets of people here and there who are interested in putting pieces together, but it seems like not so many that you'd call it a "subcommunity" yet. some of them use the keyword "cognitive architecture".