this list is a list of things which were formative in some way, not a list of things which would be recommended to others for any purpose other than learning about me (although most of the things on this list would be recommended for other reasons, a few items would actually be counter-recommended). the list is organized semi-chronologically.

at first, the list seems long for a class, but many of the items are children's books, comic books, etc, than can be read quickly (i.e. ~2-15 minutes). OTOH some of the items are entire cartoon series or video games, which would take quite a long time to absorb in their entirety. i suppose selections of those (i.e. one episode of a cartoon series, or 20 minutes of video game play) could be assigned, and then interested students could choose one item for an end-of-class-project (i.e. a project might be "watch the entirety of Mysterious Cities of Gold") (i wouldn't assign essays because i think it's dumb to write essays about such things, unless of course the writer feels particularly inspired).

Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men series (there's little ones, and big ones, too, esp. Mr Tickle in the PARK

Adventures in the solar system; Planetron and me by Geoffrey T. Williams and Dennis F. Regan, Ill. Borje Svensson

The Planet of Lost Things by Mark Strand, Ill. William Pene Du Bois

On Beyond Zebra! by Dr. Seuss

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg Cloudy with a chance of meatballs by Judi Barrett, Ill. Ron Barrett

Michey Mouse and the Marvelous Smell Machine (Walt Disney Productions) (Golden Press, NY, Western Publishing Company, Inc., Racine, Wisconsin)

Ant and Bee and the ABC by Angela Banner, Ill. Bryan Ward

Ant and Bee go Shopping by Angela Banner

Universe: a Three Dimensional Study by Heather Couper and David Pelham

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, Ill. Clement Hurd

Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown, Ill. Clement Hurd

Mr. Cuckoo's Clock Shop, by Arnold Shapiro, Designed and Ill. by Linda Griffith

rocket book

the B&W backwards and forewards commute book ("tall city, wide country"?)

The Poky Little Puppy by Janette sebring Lowrey, Ill. Gustaf Tenggren Cars by Bob Ottum, ill. by William Dungan The Saggy Baggy Elephant by K&B Jackson, Ill. by Tenggren Four Puppies by Anne Heathers, Ill. Lilian Obligado The Three Billy Goats GRUFF, retold by Ellen Rudin, Ill. Lilian Obligado

start-right elf books from Rand Mcnally:

Little Lamb's Hat by Mary G. Phillips, Ill. Eleanor Corwin Tommy's Tooth by Solveig Paulson Russel, Ill. Patti Fenwick Little Red Wagon by Hazel P. Cederborg, Ill. Clare McKinley? Davy Deer's New Red Scarg by Helen Adler The Bremen Town Musicians, Ill. Irma Wilde Milkman Bill by Jessica Potter Broderick, Ill. Jean Tamburine

lighthouse book The Pokey Little Puppy

magic pop-up book selection of sunday school handouts from Noroton Presbyterian Church, Darien, CT (i don't actually have a copy of these but if i was important enough to have classes taught about me then i assume some historian would dredge it up) selections from the Christian Bible Danger Mouse (cartoon series) He-man (cartoon series) Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (cartoon series) Mysterious Cities of Gold (cartoon series) The Book of Three The Black Cauldron The Castle of Llyr Taran Wanderer A Wrinkle in Time The Chronicles of Narnia that book with a doorway under the roots of the tree (todo: title) Beagle Brothers paraphrenalia Not Quite Human (movie) War Games (movie) Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (movie) Beneath Apple PRO-DOS A Brief History of Time Chaos Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control Labyrinths: Ancient Myths and Modern Uses Twins Trilogy selections from The Anarchists' Cookbook (never actually got around to reading it, but uploaded/downloaded it from BBSs a bunch of times) Loompanics Unlimited book catalog (they were a mailorder book seller/publisher) that bakunin book (or did it just have a chapter on bakunin?) (note: to find, dig up my old anarchism essay and look for the citation) Mind Psych book (todo: title?) selections from Issac Asimov short stories Foundation Foundation and Empire The Currents of Space Civilization (computer game) Mage: The Ascension (rpg sourcebook) D&D Basic Player's Guide (rpg sourcebook) Go Fish (card game) Today's Special (tv show) Apple Computer Assembly Language book Apple Computer intro disks Neuromancer Childhood's End

Hellraiser II (movie) Terminator II (movie) 2001 (movie; first minute only; music while the words "prolog" or something like that are showing) Black Sabbath: We Sold Our Souls For Rock and Roll (a best-of collection) (music) Metallica: And Justice For All (music) Megadeth: Peace Sells... but who's buying? (music) Sandman (first couple of trade paperbacks) (comic) Death: The High Cost of Living (comic)

Books of Magic (comic) Tl?n, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius Scarab (comic) Fire Upon the Deep Godel, Escher, Bach, first couple of chapters Free to Choose (i never actually read that but i've had formative conversations with multiple people who referenced it) Moebius 3: The airtight garage (comic) Eygpt (7 comic series; Peter Milligan, Roberto Corona, Phil Gascoine) Lemmings (computer game) Robot Odyssey (computer game) Myst (computer game) Super Mario Bros (video game) Legend of Zelda (video game) mathematical logic (enderton) my email archive meatball wiki: selections from CategorySoftSecurity?, CategoryRealNames?, CategoryCopyright?, CategoryWikiTechnology?, CategoryRatingSystem?, CategoryInterCommunity?. Also, the pages StartingPoints?, UseRealNames?, ViewPoint?, WebOfTrustModeration?.

this list is a list of media items which were formative in some way, not a list of things which would be recommended to others for any purpose other than learning about me.

some items are notable not so much for their content but rather for their connection with important events or people in my life (sorry, you'll have to take the class to find out which ones/how they relate!).

at first, the list seems long for a class, but many of the items are children's books, comic books, etc, than can be read quickly. btw in response to the email i originally made a much longer list and then winnowed it down :). where possible i've marked items with "excerpts", "first half" or whatever so that the students in the class don't have to read/watch/play the whole thing. for episodic tv shows, it is assumed that the class will only have to watch a few episodes. for music, it is assumed that the students only have to listen to 2 songs per album.

mb when/if copyright is abolished and all the world's information fits on a disk, i'll make an archive out of this list...

of course if there were actually a class on me it would cover formative people, places, activities, and material possesions in addition to media items.