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Welcome to my website. My email address is . If you're looking for my work website, go here.

About me

I currently live in San Diego and work as a graduate student in computational neuroscience with Prof. Charles Stevens.

Unremarkably, i enjoy hanging out with family and friends, walking in parks, working on side projects in the same areas as my professional interests, reading comics and books, listening to music, and thinking about stuff.

My professional training and interests are in the areas of cognitive studies, computers, collaboration, and mathematics. See my work website.

Probably the most useful thing i've done for the world so far is viperre, an emacs mode that has a vi-like modal distinction between editing and movement, with an optimized keyboard layout of the movement commands.

See aboutMe for more about me.

Current projects

My current main project is my phd thesis, which is an analysis of the anatomy of the cerebral cortex using gene expression data from the Allen Brain Atlas. See my work website.

My next project is scheduled to be

My most important future project is (using concord democracy). PieTrust? and AmendableCode? are related to each other, and to other project ideas. See RoadMap? for the big picture.

Some side projects of mine that i've worked on recently are:

Some unfinished side projects that i'm currently not working on much and might never get around to (but hope to):

Recommendations of links and things to read/watch

Thoughts and ideas


Cognitive studies:



Tips and advice

Tutorials and notes

WARNING: whenever i write notes to myself, i try to keep them on this website (unless there is some reason not to), so there's a zillion webpages in here that are no more than an unreadable 'braindump'!

book notes

math and computer:



See notes for more.

Released software projects

Released and no longer actively developed:

For more of my software projects, see projects/software.


This website has a lot more stuff besides the highlights on this page; see the TableOfContents.

Someday I may have a weblog.

Here are talk slides.

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