Just got an Android Developer Phone (ADP 1, which is like a SIM-unlocked, rooted T-Mobile G1, i.e. HTC Dream). Installed a bunch of apps and Debian.

I did a few things to customize my phone. From more fundamental to more superficial, I installed a non-standard system image (i.e. version of the Android operating system), I installed Debian, and I installed a bunch of apps. You can do any of these without doing the others (although CyanogenMod? makes Debian a little easier/better, so I recommend CyanogenMod? if you are going to do Debian).

Instructions for installing CyanogenMod and/or Debian

The more experienced readers may just want a list of commands, rather than reading commands interspered with explanation. This is here: [1].

More verbose instructions for everyone else are at the page [2].

Miscellaneous notes on using Debian on Android (aside from the initial installation) are at the page [3].

Recommended apps

See tips-computer-android-apps.


My accelerometer got stuck once and nothing I did fixed it. I ended up wiping the phone (other things were wrong too -- I think because I had been running too many apps and they were taking up too much memory and crashing stuff), but if it was just the accelerometer, maybe this tip could have fixed it:

Suggestions for Android